Paris Hazards - Hemorrhoids!

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What are Hemorrhoids ?

There is no dispute concerning the beauty and culture experienced upon visiting the mythological city of Paris. Its sidewalk cafes, elegant boulevards, cultured gardens, famous museums, great food, jazz at night, wine when ever and how much needed… and the list can go on and on.  There is no doubt that visiting Paris can be considered a remedy for the heart and soul of people who work hard and need a spiritual lift 2 weeks a year when they want to take advantage of their paid vacation from work.

 Still, after all has been said and done, one must not forget that homeostasis is the name of the game when talking about life, and no, nothing is perfect… not even Paris. Yes, even here one may encounter pain, suffering and illness. I just wonder to myself what the Parisians thought to themselves when they unconsciously decided to develop the cultural ritual of cafe’ sitting for hours on end. 

Did they really believe that there would be no price to pay?!?! Well I am here to bring light on to an unspoken subject that the averages Parisian rather sweep under the rug. What I am talking about is Hemorrhoids!!!

About one-third of the population suffers from Hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels and tissue, which develop in the anus. Hemorrhoids affect males and females equally. They are more common in older people because their blood vessels have become thicker and less elastic with age.

Hemorrhoids are caused by many different factors. The most common causes are a diet with little fiber, excessive sitting, lack of exercise, cafe sitting, pregnancy or being overweight.



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